Welcome to Ajaj centre for cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics 
Ajaj centre for dentistry and orthodontics, supervised by Dr. Mowaffak Ajaj, is the fruit of scientific and practical efforts together with intensive experience. The centre aims to provide distinct therapeutic and cosmetic services concerning the teeth, the face, and the jaws for adults and children.
This is all done using the world’s newest therapeutic methods, and the latest dental technology in the modern life.

The centre follows a cooperative, consulting and integral strategy of work with the lead of a team of male and female doctors

Every patient benefit from the experience and the skill of more than one dentist at one time. It starts from meeting the patient, studying his/her case to the end of the therapy. This all takes place at specialised, fully and newly equipped clinics which cover the therapeutic, functional and cosmetic needs.
The staff consists of high qualified and specialised dentists and experienced employees who are all carefully chosen.