Dr. Mowaffak Ajaj’s Profile
Personal Details
Name: Mowaffak Ajaj
Address: Ruken El-Deen, next to Salah El-Deen Mosque, Damascus, Syria
Date of Birth: 21/09/1970
Place of Birth: Damascus, Syria
Telephone: 00963112771197 – 00963112763735
Mobile: 00963933427748

2007 PhD in Dentistry, UK
2003 Master Degree in Dentistry, Damascus University, Syria
1995 Diploma in Orthodontics, Damascus University, Syria
1993 Bachelor Degree in Dentistry, Damascus University, Syria
Teaching Experience
– A Teacher in the Faculty of Dentistry – Damascus University, Syria
– A previous teacher in the Faculty of Dentistry – Newcastle University, UK
– A previous supervisor on trainee doctors in the department of Orthodontics and jaws in Al-Tall Hospital in Damascus, Syria

The specialized assemblies he belongs to:
The Assembly of International Researches of Dentistry
The Assembly of British Researches of Dentistry
The Assembly of American Dentistry
The Assembly of European Orthodontics
The Assembly of British Orthodontics
Syrian Union of Dentists
Syrian Union of Teachers / Damascus University Branch


Participations and Prizes in International Conferences:
The researches of Dr. Mowaffak Ajaj were presented in the following international conferences:
– International Conference of Dentist Research: This conference is considered the most important specialized conference in the world. This conference was held in the USA in 2007. Dr. Ajaj presented a lecture and won a prize as it was one of the best ten researches for the competition (SARNAT). The subject of the lecture was about substituting the traditional x-rays with 3D images.
– Conference of Medicine and Dentistry Research in the UK: Dr. Ajaj won the second prize for the best research. The title of the research was creating a 3D image for the faces of many normal English people. This method was original and used for the first time in the world.
– Dr. Mowaffak Ajaj’s researches were presented in other international dentistry conferences in the UK, Ireland, Denmark and Syria.
– Dr. Mwaffak Ajaj participated in forty dentistry specialized training courses in the UK, France and Germany.